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Lemwrite is your personalized AI writer for your cold emails’s subjects & intros using inputs from dynamic sources like your prospects website, linkedin profiles & more coming soon. Our AI model can write more intros per hour than your best write in a day, this helps you scale outbound campaigns 10x with better open, reply, click rates and 5x more conversions.


Lemscripts is an digital transcription tool that speeds-up the transcription process by using the best Automatic Speech Recognition engines. Lemscripts can transcribe various media file types and sources ranging from your hardisk to most places from internet. The application of our technology can range from transcribing a sales call, podcasts to captioning online content for YouTube and using integrations your productivity rises to 10x and more transcriptions than your human transcriber could ever do in a day.

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Lemclosers is a digital first platform connecting companies and B2B sales freelancers globally. Using Lemclosers companies save almost $100K costs of hiring a full-time sales team and freelance sales agents saves the hassels in finding their right gig. Wanna close more sales? let the lemcloser close your dream client!


Lemletters is a digital marketplace for newsletters aimed to connect newsletter creators & writers with brands to run sponsorships. Using Lemletters brands gets to promote their products on relvent newsletters targetting niche audince with garunteed viewership and newsletter creators & writers sell your extra realty to showcase the brands your audince love

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Lemdial is a lead generation tool for companies that sell. Lemdial allows sales teams, cold callers & cold emailers enrich accurate phone numbers and emails for closing faster deals from our databse of 1.5 Million unique data points across the world


Lemjobs is an aspirant centric platform, helping them to organise their applications easily so they can focus on managing and growing careers quicker using automations and cutting edge technologies.

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Lemcrm is a lead generation databse based on interests for companies that sell. Lemcrm allows sales teams, cold callers & cold emailers curate prospects based on interest with accurate phone numbers, emails using 1.5 Million unique data points across the world

Chrome Extensions


Lemlinks is a SEO tool designed to help you discover every link on a web page and boost your link building activities. Lemlinks checks, highlights, types, opens and organises all links on a webpage for you with a click, increasing your link building speeds by 10x

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Lemapp is a producitvity tool for Whatsapp & Telegram power users. Lemapp sorts your unread messages into custom tabs on your browser so that you don’t miss any chat which could cost you a deal.


Lemvid is a media messaging tool that helps remote companies collaborate seamlessly using audio, video and quick shares. Lemvid helps users in capturing their screen either by recording as a video or as screenshot which can be easily shared using a link

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Whenbox is a gmail productivity tool helping you to focus on important tasks by hiding your inbox to get the most of your time management. Whenbox is quick to install & easy to use.

Saas Applications


Upform is your premier tool for form creation and data collection. Upform was founded on the idea that collecting information should be fast and easy. Integratable with most platforms, Upform is your solution to help your team manage clients and information more effectively. Our simple to use drag and drop editor makes it perfect for any user whether they are beginner or expert designers or creators.

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SERPWizz is a complete SEO audit tool to measure & track your seo performance. Create an on-page SEO audit report with white label features.


Sendkoala is warm up and email automation tool that will warm up email accounts for you to ensure your email reputation Skyrockets and you Increase your delivery and open rates like crazy.

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Pearl Lemon Games

We’ve just launched a game-development studio based upon Roblox. We’re in the midst of releasing a series of games designed to be as entertaining as some of the most popular games out there. Head to our site for more information.

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